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  • Upholstery Cleaning Dublin

  • Cleaning your upholstery is as important as cleaning everything else in your home. We often sit on our sofas and couches and don't realise the bacteria that builds up inside the fibres. Mildew, mould, dust mites and harmful allergens can hide within your upholstery and only a professional upholstery clean can get the dirt and bacteria out of your furniture. The bacteria, mildew and moulds can also cause your upholstery to start smelling quite bad over time and instead of blaming the dog, maybe it is our furniture that needs a deep clean.

    You generally spend a lot more time lying or sitting on the sofa than you do on your carpet, but we tend to get the carpet cleaned a lot more regularly than we do the couch. Regular cleaning will ensure your upholstery stays cleaner, newer looking and less smelly as well as improve the air quality in your home. Less bacteria, pollens and moulds in the air, means a healthier home for everyone.

    We are a professional upholstery cleaning company based in Dublin and offer residential upholstery cleaning to clients in Dublin and the surrounding areas. We offer commercial upholstery cleaning as well and can suit the cleaning times around your business schedule, ensuring no interruptions to your business.  As one of the top upholstery cleaners in the Dublin area, we are on call 24/7 to deal with emergencies as well as being mobile and able to schedule times that suit you. We offer professional upholstery cleaning at a price that suits your budget and we are sure you will tell your friends about the excellent service from our upholstery cleaning professionals.

  • Get Your Sofa Cleaners When You Need Them

    We specialise in sofa cleaning and couch cleaning to keep your lounge and living room area looking newer and fresher for longer, but we are able to clean any type of upholstery, gently and carefully, ensuring no damage to the furniture.  Our specialised upholstery cleaning equipment offers a deep down clean, removing bacteria, moulds and grime, while ensuring no shrinkage to the fabrics or abrasive damage due to incorrect cleaning methods. We offer a VIP upholstery cleaning service on a regular or once off basis and guarantee a healthier and cleaner lounge suit as well as any other upholstery you want looking and smelling a whole lot cleaner!

    Our mobile teams in and around Dublin offer a superior upholstery clean, using both dry and steam cleaning methods to ensure a deep cleaning for your upholstery. We also offer specialised cleaning of leather upholstery and use special leather cleansers and conditioners to maintain the suppleness and colours of your genuine leather furniture.

    VIP Carpet cleaning company is your one stop shop when it comes to sofa cleaning and couch cleaning, we can even clean your headboard, dining room set, divans, sleeper couches and settees. If it has upholstery, we can give it a deep clean and lengthen the lifespan of your furniture. Not only will we save you money on the upholstery cleaning, we also save you money by ensuring you don't need to replace your furniture as often. Call us today for an upholstery cleaning quotation to suit your budget and your schedule.