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    Wherever possible for Window Cleaning Dublin we use the Reach & Wash system. This ladderless system is also environmentally friendly as it uses virtually 100% pure water that aggressively pushes away dirt without the need for chemicals or detergents. If you have a 2-4 storey building, and your current window cleaner is still using ladders or hydraulic equipment, then this window cleaning system has five advantages for you: Frames & Sills – In addition to the glass, the window frames and window sills are also cleaned. Quality – This method cleans windows more thoroughly so even when the sun comes out there are no marks and lines like those typically left by squeegees and scrims. Health & Safety – Significantly reduces the risk of an accident to the window cleaning, your staff or your clients Cost – It saves having to hire lifting equipment, and reduces the time required (no time is wasted climbing up and down ladders) Damage – It reduces the risk of damage to property typically caused by ladders (eg cars, sills, slates, tiles and gutters.)

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    At  the VIP Window Cleaning Company we are specialists in our field of window cleaning, enabling us to clean your windows safely while delivering you, the client, a professional and committed service. Our gear enables us to reach up to 6m heights , without the use of ladders or other access equipment, consequently allowing the window cleaning  operative to keep their feet around the ground, complying with all elements of Health & Safety. Our research shows that most people find cleaning their windows a time consuming chore and depending on where you live, a bit on the dangerous side. So quite often your window cleaning needs are ignored.